Supporting Habitat for Humanity

RHabitat for Humanity

As an organization, Habitat for Humanity has long understood that living in substandard housing seriously endangers a family’s health and safety while creating a sense of despair.

Habitat for Humanity has shown that safe, decent, and affordable housing can provide stability for children, increase a family’s sense of dignity, and encourage improvements in health, security, and physical safety.

Real Res recognizes the role that affordable housing plays in creating strong and stable communities, and we’re proud to work with Habitat for Humanity to make that belief a reality.

As with all our social work efforts, a portion of every Real res paid search gets donated to Habitat for Humanity.

RAssist Families in need

In addition to our donations, Real res participates in house builds. Our team worked on a demolition project to prepare several homes for full refurbishment inside and out. The crew took out two kitchens and four bathrooms, painted all the outside trim on two houses, laid pipe outside with the plumber for another Habitat home around the corner, took down outlets, light covers and closet doors, painted closet doors and bedroom walls and ceilings. When these homes are ready, they will be offered to families that have completed the Habitat for Humanity application process.

Thank you to all of our Volunteers for giving their valuable time on a Saturday to a truly worthy cause! Our goal at Real Res is to assist families in need by helping make the American Dream of Homeownership a reality.

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