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Municipal Lien Search Florida

Find out if there are any unrecorded property issues.

Municipal lien searches offer detailed accounts of a property’s history, typically to locate any unrecorded property issues that ordinary property title search might have missed.

HOA Estoppel Letters

Protect your clients and your business by discovering all the past due HOA fees on a property before closing.

An estoppel letter reports the current status of a property located within a Homeowner’s or Condo Association. Estoppels help identify the required fees, special assessments, and capital contributions associated with the property.

Land Survey

Confirm the boundary lines of a piece of real estate, including improvements and encroachments.

Land surveys help title and mortgage companies establish any buildings and improvements located on an owner’s land. Generally used for houses, land surveys also get used for fences, pools, sheds, and detached garages.


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