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Land Surveyors, Florida

Florida land surveys help title and mortgage companies establish any buildings and improvements located on an owner’s land.

Generally used for houses, Florida land surveys also get used for fences, pools, sheds, and detached garages after completion of the permitted work.

REAL RES real estate surveys also help identify land boundaries, offering solid and professional evidence to end neighbor disputes over concerns like encroachment and trespassing.

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Get your Florida property survey questions answered by our knowledgeable staff in Florida - when you need it.

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Transparent Pricing

We have incredibly affordable Florida land survey rates and a transparent pricing system.


We provide accurate information backed up with $1 million in Errors & Omissions coverage.

Social Responsibility

We donate a portion of all Florida property survey proceeds to charitable causes.

How it works

Find out if there are any unrecorded property issues that
an ordinary title search would normally miss.

Send The Order

A client places the order, an easy and convenient step with multiple ways to submit the land survey request.


We pull as much information on the site location & contact owners to coordinate.

Survey Crew Scheduled & sent to site

We send our crew out to take the survey and return the measurements to our office.


The information is drafted and appropriate comments are added to the final Florida land survey.

Final Submission to Client

Final Sign & Sealed surveys are delivered to the client.

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