Florida HOA Estoppel Certificate

So, you’re about to get involved in a property transaction in Florida and you hear the word “estoppel certificate” mentioned. What’s the importance of this certificate and the process of finding any hidden financial surprises or pending violations? At Real Res, we handle estoppel certificates for Homeowners & Condo Associations in Florida so you can breeze through your real estate transactions without issues holding you back.

HOA Estoppel Services

At Real Res, our estoppel services are all about clarity and speed. We’re the leading professionals for getting you that estoppel certificate quick and correct. Whether you’re buying or selling, we’ll dig up everything that needs to come to light about a property’s financial and management status.

What Does an HOA Estoppel Search Include?

Think of an HOA estoppel search as a full disclosure for your property’s history and current status within the assocation it belongs to.  We look into unpaid dues, upcoming fees, special assessments or any pending violations that may be attached to the property.  It’s a snapshot of what’s been and what’s to come, so there are no surprises down the line.

When To Get an HOA Estoppel Letter

Grab an estoppel letter when you’re deep in a real estate deal and you need the details on the property’s financials. Usually, you’ll want this document before closing the deal, so you’ve got a clear picture of any outstanding debts or fees.

HOA Estoppel Search Process

How do we do it? It’s a mix of detective work and know-how. We reach out to the right people, whether it’s the homeowner’s association or the management company, and we get the facts. We request, follow up, and compile everything into a neat package for you.


Information Needed for an HOA Estoppel Search

To begin, we’ll need some basics from you like the property address, the owner’s name, and your contact details. Then we’ll take the information and complete the process for you, keeping you in the loop at every step.

HOA Estoppel Certificate in Florida

A Florida estoppel certificate has some must-haves. It will state the amount owed for past-due assessments, whether there are any capital contributions or reserves, insurance information, and a few other key details. It’s basically a financial health report for your property.


Required Information on an HOA Estoppel Certificate in Florida

For HOA estoppel certificates, Florida law is pretty specific. It should have info on maintenance fees, special assessments, and the frequency of these payments. It’ll also spell out if there are any litigation or lease restrictions you need to be aware of.

An HOA estoppel letter reports the current status of a property located within a Homeowner’s or Condo Association.

Estoppel certificates in Florida help identify the required fees, special assessments, and capital contributions associated with the property.

A property within a Homeowners/Condo Association likely requires an HOA Estoppel Letter or Certificate before closing. And because time plays a factor in real estate, Real Res uses speed and efficiency to deliver HOA Estoppel Letters in Florida.


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