HOA Estoppel Letter Florida

An HOA estoppel letter reports the current status of a property located within a Homeowner’s or Condo Association.

Estoppel certificates in Florida help identify the required fees, special assessments, and capital contributions associated with the property.

A property within a Homeowners/Condo Association likely requires an HOA Estoppel Letter or Certificate before closing. And because time plays a factor in real estate, REAL RES uses speed and efficiency to deliver HOA Estoppel Letters in Florida.



Get your Florida estoppel certificate questions answered by our knowledgeable staff in Florida – when you need it.

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We have incredibly affordable rates and a transparent pricing system.


We provide accurate tenant estoppel information backed up with $1 million in Errors & Omissions coverage.

Social Responsibility

We donate a portion of all Florida estoppel proceeds to charitable causes.

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HOA homes are priced 4% higher than similar homes outside of HOAs

49 million housing units are subjected to HOAs


of HOAs expect fee delinquencies to grow in the future

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