General Questions

Why use REAL RES instead of conducting an in-house search?
What parts of Florida does REAL RES research/service?
Is the search guaranteed?
What is a property information report (aka O&E report)?
What is a REAL RES ez order?
What is an open/expired permit and why do they need searched?
What is an open code violation and why do they need searched?
What does lienable vs. non-lienable mean in regards to utilities balance information?
What is a city assessment or special assessment?
Does REAL RES provide monthly billing statements?
How is the pricing?
Does REAL RES have a cancelation policy?

Municipal Lien Searches

What is a Municipal Lien Search?
Does REAL RES research both residential and commercial properties?
Do I need to do a search on vacant land?
Will all liens appear on the REAL RES report?
Does REAL RES research judgment liens or governmental liens in Florida?
Does REAL RES conduct lien searches on owners (past/present)?
Can REAL RES help with payoff information on recorded liens that show up on a standard title search?
If the property is not a foreclosure or short sale, do I still need to do a Municipal Lien Search?
Do I need to do a Municipal Lien Search on a Condominium or Condominium Unit?
What is the general turnaround time for Municipal Lien Searches?

HOA Estoppel Letters

Can I order an Estoppel Letter without a lien search?
When do I need an HOA/condo estoppel letter?