SHIP BOTTOM, NEW JERSEY — June 3, 2024—Kai Group Holdings (KGH), a leading innovator in the title insurance industry, announced the acquisition of Real Res, a premier provider of Municipal Lien Searches and HOA Estoppel Searches. This strategic move highlights KGH’s commitment to investing in top-tier companies that are deeply dedicated to customer experience–a core principle for both companies. Bringing Real Res within the KGH umbrella underpins their ongoing effort to empower title professionals with the finest tools and resources to streamline operations and elevate the client experience across the industry.

A Strategic Combination to Elevate Service and Efficiency
Bill Bartzak, CEO of KGH, commented about the acquisition: “We are thrilled to welcome the talented team at Real Res to the Kai Group Holding family. Their commitment to excellence in customer service is beyond a fit – it is an alignment that enhances our entire operation. This acquisition significantly ramps up efficiency for our clients. Crucially, it empowers Real Res to sustain its operational autonomy, ensuring the continuity of the privileged relationships they’ve built with their clients and partners.”

Commitment to Enhanced Client Experiences
Real Res, known for its speed and precision in lien searches and HOA Estoppel searches, joins forces with KGH to create a powerhouse of service and technological excellence

The integration of Real Res with KGH, uniting two industry experts, aims to redefine the client experience by providing unparalleled resources and support in the following ways:

  • Improved Communication and Transparency
  • Increased Operational Efficiency and Speed
  • More Streamlined Workflows
  • Enhanced Technology

A Shared Vision for the Future
Patrick Emrich, President of Real Res, shared his perspective on the new partnership: “Joining Kai Group Holdings opens new doors for us to innovate within the title insurance arena. Combining our expertise, we’re poised to redefine the industry standard with even more sophisticated tools and resources. Importantly, this alliance respects our operational independence, enabling us to continue delivering exceptional support and value to our clients and partners without compromising their trust. Our focus remains on accuracy, swift delivery times, responsiveness, proactive communication, and fostering outstanding client relations—qualities that we are proud to say make us the most professional in the industry.”

About Real Res
Real Res has been a trusted provider of comprehensive Municipal Lien Searches and HOA Estoppel Searches for over 20 years, processing over 80,000 transactions annually. Real Res was born from the merger between Property Debt Research and Clear Choice Tax & Lien, uniting decades of expertise to form a robust and dynamic municipal property research provider. Renowned for its commitment to accuracy, responsiveness, transparent pricing, and social responsibility, Real Res has empowered title professionals to navigate the complexities of the title search process confidently.

About Kai Group Holdings
Kai Group Holdings is at the forefront of providing innovative solutions that empower title professionals to enhance workflow efficiency, improve communication, boost accuracy, increase security, and deliver superior client service. As an employee-owned company, KGH ensures that those who provide these innovative solutions are personally invested in the business’s success, fostering a collaborative environment within the industry. Committed to continuous innovation, KGH nurtures an ownership culture that drives excellence and teamwork.

This acquisition marks a momentous step for both organizations to enhance their service offerings further and continue leading the way in the title insurance industry.