If you’re thinking about buying a piece of property in Florida, it’s important to have a Florida land survey done before you close the deal!

Land surveys (more properly called a “certified property boundary report”) are not required under Florida law, but they are a very good idea before finalizing a transaction. In short, these surveys establish the exact boundaries of a piece of land, marked on an overhead map or photograph. The surveys also include information about the terrain, landscape features, potential problems like sinkholes, and typically documentation on any improvements made to the property by its current owner.

These surveys are carried out by experienced surveyors licensed by the state. Proper Florida land surveys are professional, independent, and legally recognized in legal disputes. They are also affordable, so there’s truly no reason to skip a survey when buying.

Five Reasons You Need a Reliable Florida Land Survey Before Buying

1 – Know your borders

The most basic purpose of a land survey is also one of the most important: knowing the exact boundaries of the land you’re purchasing. This allows you to know exactly where you are allowed to build or modify your land, and can also be an invaluable piece of evidence if a neighbor ever encroaches on your land.

2 – Be forewarned of property problems or violations

One byproduct of the survey is that if anything on the land is in violation of Florida law, you’ll know it ahead of time. This is important because, in most cases, you become immediately responsible for any violations if you purchase the property.

It can also warn you of physical issues with the property, such as sinkholes or flood plains.

3 – Locating easements

Easements are elements of your property that allow access to shared objects or spaces, such as ensuring electrical workers have access to a utility pole on your property or allowing beach passage on beachfront property. Since you will be responsible for keeping the easements open to access, you need to know where/what they are.

4 – Documenting any environmental issues

Florida’s unique ecosystem has led to many environmental regulations intended to protect the land and anything living on it. A Florida land survey will alert you if there are any special environmental considerations you need to be aware of.

5 – Correcting inaccurate records

The records in the local planning office are often based on decades-old surveys, and may not reflect the current reality due to weather, erosion, and other factors changing the landscape over time. Your new land survey will become the new official record of the property and its features, potentially preventing disputes or legal issues stemming from outdated surveys.

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