Never buy a home in Florida without doing a real estate survey first!

A real estate survey, also called a land survey, is a detailed survey and examination of a piece of land. It gives you an aerial view of the land with its borders clearly marked, while also covering all important land features and structures included with the property. More detailed surveys can also include elements such as utility services and locations, or document specific issues with the land such as sinkholes.

Real estate surveys typically only cost a few hundred dollars, which is minuscule compared to the value of a typical property. This makes it an easy bit of insurance to protect your investment!

Four Reasons You Always Need A Land Survey In Florida Before Buying


1 – No unpleasant surprises when you buy the property

The most important reason to get a real estate survey before buying Florida property is so that you know exactly what you’re buying. There won’t be any question over whether certain bits of terrain are yours, or not. Likewise, these surveys can often spot issues – like sinkholes or flood plains – which might not be obvious just from walking around the property.

This gives you the information you need to make an informed purchasing decision.

2 – Knowing the exact limits of your land

Too many disputes between neighbors begin with one doing construction on land the other believes they own. By having exact, verified documentation of the borders, you can do any upgrades and improvements you like without worrying about drama.

Of course, this goes in the other direction as well. If your neighbor ever starts a project that crosses over onto your property, you’ll have official documentation on your side when you discuss the matter.

3 – Understanding fence upkeep

If there’s a fence separating you from your neighbor, there could be a dispute over who actually has responsibility for maintaining the fence. That responsibility falls on whoever’s property contains the fence. So, having a detailed Florida real estate survey will quickly make it clear whose land the fence sits on.

4 – It’s further protection if/when you sell

If you think you’ll be selling off the property in the future, or dividing it up, the real estate survey will provide vital information that ensures everything is done properly. You’ll be able to show it to buyers or their agents to help speed up negotiations, as well as giving you a way to highlight any special features of the property.

Real Res Makes Florida Real Estate Easier

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