A municipal lien search is an essential part of any property transaction, whether you are buying, selling, or investing. It provides valuable information about the property’s financial and legal status, uncovering any potential issues that may affect your decision to proceed with the transaction. Let’s review the various aspects of a municipal lien search in Florida.

Code Violations

One of the primary aspects of a municipal lien search is to identify code violations on the property. These violations can range from minor issues, like overgrown lawns, to more significant problems, like structural damage or unpermitted construction. Unresolved code violations can result in fines or legal issues for the property owner, so it’s essential to identify and address them before finalizing any property transaction.

Conduct Searches for Expired Permits

When a property undergoes renovations, repairs, or additions, it usually requires a permit from the local municipality. Sometimes, these permits expire before the work is completed, which can lead to fines and penalties. A municipal lien search will reveal any expired permits associated with the property, allowing you to address these issues before they become costly problems.

Balances for Utilities

Unpaid utility bills can accumulate and result in a lien against a property. This can lead to problems for the new owner, who may be held responsible for paying off these balances. Additionally, the water company may refuse to turn the water on until the balances are paid.  A municipal lien search will identify any outstanding utility balances, enabling you to negotiate their resolution before the property changes hands.

Any Special Assessments for the Property

A special assessment is a charge imposed by a local government to cover the costs of public improvements, such as road repairs or new infrastructure projects. These assessments can be levied on individual properties and, if left unpaid, may result in a lien. A municipal lien search will reveal any special assessments levied against the property, allowing you to factor them into your transaction.

Liens That May be Unrecorded

In some cases, liens may not be recorded with the county recorder’s office. These liens can still affect your property transaction, but they may not be readily apparent without a thorough municipal lien search. By conducting a search, you can uncover these hidden liens and address them before they become an issue.

Conduct a Municipal Lien Search in Florida with Real RES

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