Property Information Reports Are One of the Most Important Resources You Can Provide Your Buyer. Here’s Why

When you are involved in any form of real estate transaction, it is critical to ensure a title examination, title search, title insurance, and lien searches are part of the process. These four items are the core of making sure the real estate transaction is successful. These steps are also imperative to ensure the transaction proceeds smoothly. These are three of the most important reasons you should make sure Florida lien searches are part of your real estate transactions.

Florida Lien Searches Avoid Potential Ownership Disputes

Ownership disputes are possible during real estate transactions. Whether they occur due to willful deception or from a clerical error, it can seriously impact a successful sale. Legal ownership needs to be determined by a thorough search of public records to avoid any surprising information just when your deal is ready to be signed. Should a former property owner have a legitimate legal claim to a property, you could find yourself involved in an expensive and lengthy legal battle.

Lien Searches Will Reveal Unleashed Liens

If there is a lien against a property, it gives others claim to it. These liens can be from back taxes owed to the government or other lenders. Liens can also be placed on a property by different financial institutes. If the previous owner of the property has not satisfied the lien, the title of the property cannot be transferred with a clear title.

Performing property lien searches in Florida will reveal any outstanding liens against it. In some cases, it is a failure to file the paperwork, which will be a simple fix. In other cases, there may be serious legal work to perform in order to close a sale.

Lien Searches Will Uncover Faulty Information

If there is missing information, inaccurate information, or incomplete information in the public records for a property, it will complicate sealing a sale. A title search will not uncover this information; lien searches and Florida land surveys are necessary to determine if something is being concealed on the property, or if any documents have been forged.

Lenders typically require title insurance as part of their obligation for these reasons. When lien searches are conducted, you will receive the owner’s policy that protects your investment. Lien searches are your means of having peace of mind with your transaction, so you are protected from any legal expenses should there be a court dispute.

When you agree to accept the purchase of any real estate property, it should always be contingent on a clear title that is free of any defects. Real Res recognizes the nature of the real estate industry and understands your need for an accurate and fast turnaround on lien searches and real estate surveys. We are your experts in the field for performing guaranteed, accurate Florida lien searches.