Marketing Tips to Help Your Title Company Stand Out from the Competition

For several years now, Florida title companies have been working within the industry regulations as they relate to wining and dining potential customers. Due to restrictions, some of the older approaches are no longer practiced where you could persuade real estate attorneys or mortgage providers to work with you. Whether you like these regulations or not, it’s clear that Florida title companies have had to pivot their marketing strategies due to the state and federal rules. These are some alternative marketing tips to help Florida title companies stand out from their competition, including starting with a property lien search in Florida.

Florida Title Companies Can Go Online with Marketing

The percentage of homebuyers that will purchase property unseen is approximately thirty-five percent. Millennials entering the marketplace have seen that percentage jump to forty-five percent. Technology has now made it possible to conduct much of the property-buying process and property research online. Real estate transactions are becoming a virtual experience with e-closing software.

The property-buyers are not the only ones accessing information online; businesses are also out there looking for potential partners. Florida title companies need to create a Facebook page or develop other social media contacts that are updated routinely or lose out on many opportunities.

Florida Title Companies Need to Offer Educational and Valuable Content Online

Once you create your online presence, you need to develop a well-designed and user-friendly site that will clearly outline your services and how valuable they are to the consumer. Your best chance of creating industry authority is to write about what you know. You are the expert, and you should be demonstrating this through good content about how your services provide solutions.

The quality of your engagements will depend on the quality of your content. You will also want to include downloadable content like a real estate survey so that you can capture potential client’s information. This information will allow you to engage with leads through emails. Your content should also provide relevant information that your audience can use to make their jobs easier.

Services and Tools for Florida Title Companies to Use in Generating Leads

Your company may not have the time or resources to do everything from scratch. However, there are options out there to help you grow your digital presence as a title company. These are few options to get you started:

●    Content management and website design can be created through Hubspot, WordPress, or Squarespace, which are popular for developing sleek and simple websites as well as managing your content.

●     Email marketing can be managed through Constant Contact, MailChimp,  GetResponse or, Emma and are all great for small businesses.

●     Non-designer tools, such as Canva, Pixlr, Logo Garden, PicMonkey, or Piktochart, are great options for providing help with editing photos, simplifying graphics, creating logos, and much more. 

You will want to be sure and get involved with industry authorities such as the American Land Title Association or the Florida State Title Association. When you have a relationship with these agencies, it will create trust in your potential clients and consumers.

Florida Title Companies Need to Think Strategically, Not Tactically

To create an effective plan will take experimentation and patience. First, receiving inbound responses may have a slow start, but the long-run impact will make it well worth it. The tactics you use should align with your overall strategy to reflect your company’s vision and mission. When you use some of the services and tools mentioned, you should begin seeing successful results.

Using these tips will help Florida Title Companies grow towards success and put them a step ahead of the competition. If you can provide quick property lien searches in Florida during your title process, this will boost your ratings. Real Res has been in the industry for more than twenty years and offers Florida title companies the fastest turnaround with guaranteed accuracy.