If you have recently become a new client of REAL RES, you are probably wondering how to check the progress on your order.

Therefore, we have created a detailed guide that will outline what you need to do step-by-step to check your order’s progress.

Step 1: Log In

First of all, you need to log in to your REAL RES account.

Go to www.realres.com and click on ‘Login‘ at the top right corner.

This will take you to our log in page.

Please use your username and password to log in.

Once you log in to the system, you will have the option to change your username and password.

Step 2: Check Your Order Progress

Next, select the “Pending Orders” tab either on the left toolbar, or under the “Orders” section. Either option will redirect you to the appropriate page.

Pending Orders tab

When you choose this option, it will display all of the orders your company has placed with us which have not been fully completed and/or cancelled. The list will display the oldest orders at the top and the most recent orders at the bottom. There may also be multiple pages in which you need to scroll through for the full results. These page numbers are at the bottom of the screen for you to click on.

*Please note, if the lien and estoppel order were placed at the same time, they will now be separated out from one another in the pending list.

Also, you can click on the Order Number at any time and it will bring you to the details of the order. Under the first box, the “Order Notes” section on the right hand side of the screen, the system will detail what information has been received on the file thus far. The next screen below the ”Order Notes”, known as “External Notes,” will display any special notes our office has pertaining to that file. You may also enter notes in that screen that you wish for us to see/respond to regarding that order as well. The third box, known as “Order Documents,” shows if any part of the file has been completed. Just click on the blue underlined file number in the “Doc Name” column to view the completed Invoice and Summary Report.

Alternative you may search order statuses by date to see if they have been completed, cancelled, or awaiting certain documents to complete this search.

That’s it! If you have any further questions, please contact your Account Manager or customer service department for further details.